How to Get Into the Energy Audit Business |

Starting your own energy audit business is a real option for anyone that wants to get involved in a secure, green career.This is one industry that is expected to continue to grow, even in times of economic downturn, when people are more focused on saving money.This gives you a virtual guarantee of job security, regardless of the overall financial outlook.Working as an energy auditor has many significant advantages. You can be your own boss and the training can be relatively straight-forward and fast.Start-up costs? Minimal.You can also position yourself at the forefront of a developing energy-saving wave. It could be your energy audit business as a local leader in this emerging field.A Range of New Business IdeasTraining to work as an energy auditor opens up a wide range of possible career opportunities. Some of these include:
Self-employed Home Energy Auditor – provides energy efficiency advice for residential properties.
Self-employed Commercial Energy Auditor – provides energy efficiency advice for commercial properties.
Energy auditor employed by a Utility Company.You would provide regular home energy auditing advice for customers of a utility company. Utility companies are now realizing the popularity of energy auditing and offering it as an additional service for their customers. This is a good reflection of the growth of the energy audit business. Energy auditor specializing in Alternative Energy.You would provide energy advice for people interested in installing an alternative energy system (such as solar, wind or geothermal power) on their property. Consumers often need help understanding how to make the best use of these systems and how to successfully integrate them with other energy sources.Energy auditor specializing in building design and construction.You would provide advice to architects and builders about how to make buildings more energy efficient. They may also conduct assessments of newly built properties in order to give them an energy rating to guide potential investors. This is one aspect of the energy audit business that is very important as investors are now very interested in learning the energy efficiency of a property before purchasing it.Because conducting energy audits is such a new industry, you have a lot of freedom to determine the path that you want your career to take.Carefully check the components offered by various training courses to find the one that best aligns with your interests.When researching the best energy audit training courses, check whether they include units on the general principles involved in running your own business. You will need to learn about marketing, tax and public relations in order to successfully run your energy audit business.You should also consider whether the course has been accredited by a reputable organization. Certification by the National Energy and Sustainability Institute (NEASI) for example. This means that once you complete the course you are eligible to sit the NEASI Home Energy Audit Certification Exam. Such certification provides additional credibility for your business.