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When the nations are running behind energy sources for various purposes we should know about the most cheapest, reliable and effective source of energy available in the world. Yes, the solar energy! The best thing about the energy is that it is totally free and easily available. All we have to do is to make good use of it. It is the best form of available energy that is environmental friendly as well.It is not just the energy of the sun that falls into the category of ‘solar energy’. It is also the energy from biomass, wind and water. The energy can be converted into electricity, to increase the temperature of water and to even dry wet clothes or to cook food. Solar energy has become a trend now and it is used from heating specific water areas to working certain gadgets. The interesting thing about solar energy is that we do not realize that we are using it, but we still continue to use it. The cooking gas, petroleum and other gases that are used as fuels, they are all part of solar energy as they were once part of a plant which grew with the help of sun.Nowadays, the number of people using solar energy at houses is increasing. It is mainly used to heat water which is the major part of the electricity bill in households. Even though the amount taken to install the device is quite high for an average household, it benefits both the environment and the user in the later stages. If the panel in the household gets a minimum of 3 hours of sunshine daily, that is ample amount of energy to produce electricity for an entire night.The sun’s energy which includes heat and light takes a maximum of 8 minutes to reach the earth. It is a non-renewable source of energy. Unlike the other resources that take a lot of time, effort and money to get an access to it, sun’s energy is easily available and the only hindrances to it might probably be the clouds or the rains.It is very interesting to note that the wide use was forethought by Da Vinci almost 6 centuries ago. Man knew how to use solar energy from very early days when he knew how to make fire. Ever since then, mankind has discovered new uses of it ranging from heating water or cooking food to using it as fuels for vehicles and many more, solar energy stands unopposed for its maximum efficiency.Sun is the most powerful source of energy available. It is said that the amount of light from the sun that is used by the people for variety of uses in a year is not even equal to the amount that falls on the earth in an hour.Natural phenomenon like rain is also caused due to the availability of solar energy. The evaporation and condensation process that keeps the earth in balanced weather conditions are also because of the sun’s energy. Face it! There is no running away from the use of solar energy.More on => http://esolarenergyfacts.net/articles/solar_energy_facts_and_wind_energy/